Terms & Conditions

Definitions of Terminologies

In these Terms and conditions the following definitions shall apply:

  • "The Company" - means GRITCO NIGERIA LIMITED, Also known as GRITCO.
  • "The Hirer" - means any party which reserves or has reserved on its behalf, or otherwise uses any of the Facilities.
  • "Facilities" - means any of the facilities of the GRITCO TRAINING CENTRE (Hereinafter referred to as "The Training Centre") and in particular those specified in this terms and conditions.
  • "Confirmation" - means the hirer's request to the Company for their Booking to be confirmed (either by Phone Call, Text Messages, letter/fax, email or any form of communication. A confirmation means acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
  • "Fee" - means the amount payable for the use of The Training Centre in line with the stipulations of Terms and Conditions.
  • "Terms" - means these terms and conditions of use.
  • "Booking" - means the request by the Hirer for the provision of the Facilities in Gritco Training Centre specified on the "Terms and Conditions" Sheet.
  • "Hiring" - means the use of the Facilities.


The Training Centre is charged at a daily rate for the number of days requested by the hirer and is open for use from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday through Sunday.
Payment must be made in full, latest one hour before commencement of use of the Training Centre. For Long Term Lease (minimum of two weeks), payment must be made at least 48 hours before commencement date.


Request for cancellation after payment will not be honoured.

Damage or loss

Any damage to the building, contents or equipment or any extra repair/renovation necessary to return the training centre or its facilities to an acceptable condition arising directly from its use by a particular individual or group will be charged to the hirer.

Under no circumstances will the training centre make good or accept responsibility for any damage or theft of any property brought into or left on the premises by the hirer and his associates unless arising through the negligence or default of the centre.

The training centre shall not be liable for any loss, whether direct or indirect, including loss of profit, caused by any occurrence beyond the centre's reasonable control which results in the cancellation, delay or interruption of the hiring.

Audio visual equipment

Audio visual equipment, other than the hirer's own personal laptop, must not be used in the centre without prior notice and approval of GRITCO management.

The staff of the training centre will make reasonable efforts to ensure that hirer's laptop synchronizes with the centre's equipment but the centre cannot be held responsible if the hirer's own laptop is not compatible with the centre's equipment.

No professional technical support is available on site. It is expected that the hirer knows how to use the equipment to be hired.

Fire procedures / health and safety

All users must familiarize themselves with the identified evacuation procedures and respond as required. Any health and safety issues must be reported immediately to the staff in the reception office. First aid kits are available and a trained first-aider will be available during office hours.

Training Equipments In The Centre

  1. 1 No. Complete Set of Public Address System.
  2. 1 No. DVD player with Remote Control.
  3. 1 No. Wall Type 42' Home Theatre LG TV
  4. 1 No. 2700 Lumens LG Projector with remote control.
  5. 1 No. TAMASHI Water Dispenser.

We reserve the right not to accept bookings or usage by individuals or groups who do not comply with health and safety regulations or who do not respect the centre facilities or staff. Warnings will be given before this occurs