Gritco Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company incorporated in 1993 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 to serve the oil & gas and engineering industries. Gritco, a leading name in corrosion control and management, partners with world class manufacturers of top-quality products used in battling the menace of corrosion in the above state industry.


Gritco Nigeria Limited, aims to be the leading supplier of materials to abate the challenges of corrosion in the Oil & Gas and Engineering industries to the barest minimum.


Provision of quality blasting abrasives for all blasting techniques involved in surface preparation of metals and concrete.
Provision of top-quality performance protective coatings for metals and concrete thus, hindering the corrosion process.
Provision of top-quality inspection materials and equipment required for Non- destructive testing.
Provision of quality equipment required for all techniques involved in controlling corrosion in the oil & gas, engineering industries.
Provision of effective solutions for the repairs of leakage of industrial pipes and other facilities and installations.

Our Operations/Standard

Our operational policy involves upholding and improving our company’s corporate image through good business principles. The company’s underlying values of honesty, openness, teamwork, professionalism, promotion of trust and respect for people determine our principles. These principles are applied to all our transactions irrespective of the magnitude. This is manifest in the conduct of our business by every employee which reflect integrity in all our dealings as we continue to do business within the legitimate bounds of the law.

Our Inventory Level

In Gritco Nigeria Limited, quality is nonnegotiable in the performance and delivery of our products and services. To meet our clients’ increasing demand, we operate a computerized / automated system to allow for prompt extraction / dissemination of information. In addition, we keep a high level of inventory of all our product lines which are properly stored in our ware house. This ensures prompt delivery of products at our clients’ earliest ordering to guarantee your projects’ stay on schedule.

Our Clientele

Our Clientele list cuts across operators in the oil and gas, Marine, Agro-Allied and engineering sectors.

Our Management Team

Chief Chris Stanley, MD/CEO
Mr. Victor Ebirim, Senior Manager
Mr. Christopher Onukafor, Deputy Senior Manager

The management team of Gritco Nigeria limited are reputable Nigerians of high integrity with diverse top-level experiences in the Oil, Gas, Marine, Agro-Allied Industries and General Business Management. They provide speedy response, client-tailored solutions to multinational companies and individual client’s needs.

Our Health Safety and Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Gritco Nigeria Limited to conduct all its operations in such a manner as to take into cognizance that safety of persons, properties and its operational environment may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities, and as such, measures are stringently taken to ensure that possible HSE hazards are reduced to the barest minimum.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) Objectives

Our Quality Management System aims to ensure that the quality standard of our products (in line with the manufacturer’s specifications) are sustained and improved upon whilst aiming to achieve optimal customer satisfaction throughout all stages of our operations. Our QMS is religiously adhered to with the strictest discipline by all our personnel to ensure that our esteemed customers and the product end users derive maximum value and satisfaction for their investment. Our Product manufactures have Quality Management Systems that are certified to ISO 9001: 2015, to which standard we constantly strive to maintain. Ours is a policy of zero tolerance to product quality defects.