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Sibelco Blasting Abrasives

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PPG Sigma Protective & Marine Coatings

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Agfa processing chemicals

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Agfa Radiographic Films



Gritco Nigeria Limited is an authorized distributor for the following World Class Manufacturer:


We are authorized distributors for PPG in the supply of Sigma Coatings in Nigeria. Following Nigeria Content Development requirement, PPG has cited a manufacturing plant in Lagos under the names Pittsburgh Paints Nigeria Ltd & SIGMA Coatings Nigeria Ltd. This ensures speedy supply and distribution of products whilst still maintain the unique quality standard of the PPG brand.


PPG Protective & Marine Coatings is a global leader in the development of innovative technologies in the high-performance coatings industry. We provide you with the industry’s broadest range of maintenance coatings for industrial and heavy-duty corrosion protection, as well as marine and offshore coatings. Whether you need corrosion prevention or fire protection at a plant or an offshore platform, PPG Protection & Marine Coatings serves your needs. The extensive line includes proprietary performance coatings, finishes, floorings, and surfacing systems. It is based on decades of experience and extensive research, dedicated to continuous quality improvement while closely monitoring all environment aspects.

Innovative solutions in protective coatings

PPG SIGMA brand offers high performance coatings to protect industrial facilities against corrosion in a multitude of environments and exposure conditions. The broad range of innovative protective coatings offer solutions, that meet the highest service life requirements in demanding corrosive conditions. Optimum coating system recommendations can be provided for a wide range of industrial markets worldwide.


High Performance Coating, High volume Solid Content, Tough resistance to Corrosion, Adhere to a variety of surfaces, Outstanding application characteristics, Long term excellent corrosion protection, Decorative colours – finishing, Fire Retardation & Flexible in usage. For more information, please log on to



We also partner with Sibelco for the distribution/sales of Nastra Copper Slag Abrasives, NZM Coal Slag Abrasives, Maasgrit Vasilgrit Aluminium Silicate Abrasives, chilled iron grit, Steel shot grit, Steel grit, Garnet, Aluminium Oxide and all types of grit.
For every surface, we have the right abrasive!
What type of material requires rust removal/cleaning and under what type of conditions? What is the best surface profile for a given coating system? The best solution starts with custom advice from our experts. When it comes to properties as well as grain size, Gritco supplies the most comprehensive range of blast cleaning abrasives for every application.


With its extensive range of blast cleaning abrasives, Gritco, in partnership with Sibelco offers the right materials for a wide variety of applications. Apart from the cleaning and surface treatment of steel structures, such as those used in shipbuilding and ship repairs, offshore industry, pipelines, general construction, civil engineering and petrochemical industry, the cleaning and treatment of stone, bricks and concrete. When used responsibly in observance of applicable health & safety regulations, the opportunities are almost unlimited: on land and sea, on and offshore, above as well as under water, indoors and outdoors, dry, wet or damp blasting, fine, medium or coarse, with high or low pressure. Gritco Nigeria Ltd, will be more than happy to assist you in getting the best solution for your project! Our range of abrasives include but not limited to Aluminium Silicate (Coal Slag), Iron Silicate (Copper Slag), Glass beads, Aluminium Oxide, Steel Shots, Steel Grits, Garnet abrasives. For more information, please log on to


Enlisted in our inventory are equipment and spares for surface preparation involving blasting and paint spraying applications. In supplying these equipment, we partnership with Airblast BV, Netherlands.


We offer abrasive blasting equipment and spares from Airblast BV. These equipment are manufactured with all the features that the professional user requires. Our core range of blasting pots all feature a well-designed and proven single piece remote control & dead-man handle system and silencer ensuring reduced labour costs, high efficiency of abrasive utilization, as well as operator safety AIRBLAST BV, Netherlands are manufactures of Airblast blasting & painting equipment and spares. In addition, they produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for blasters and painters, including Blasters Hood/Helmet Blasters leather cover all Blasters leather hand gloves Painters helmets Painter coverall, etc.


Also, in partnership with Airblast BV, we supply a broad range of Inspection Equipment , AIRBLAST INSPECTION EQUIPMENT (AIE) such as various types of Surface thermometers, Hydraulic Adhesion Testers and DFT Gauge, Dew Point Digital Meter, Calibration Certificates, etc. These Inspection Equipment break down the inspection process into distinct steps. Each step is as important as the next. Each stage in the process of surface treatment is critical in guarding against premature coating failure. There are many tests and safeguards which can be put in place to ensure that the interaction of the substrate to the coating is as intended. The blasting and painting technique involves series of procedures, which consist of several steps. The success of each step is dependent on the accuracy of result obtained in the specified inspection test required for each step. For more information, please log on to


We partner with WAYGATE Technologies, Baker Hughes Business (formerly Ge Sensing & Inspections Technologies, Germany), a, in the distribution and sale of Integrated Radiographic Film System, a complete line of Equipment, films and processing solutions (including both manual and automatic options) and a wide array of High Tech/Robust User Friendly Ultrasonic Testing Equipment with a proven record of optimal performance. In bringing you Integrated Radiographic Film System, Gritco Nigeria Ltd, in partnership with WAYGATE Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly Ge-Inspection Technologies) assures our valuable clients of improved quality and safety, greater ease, savings in time and cost and the peace of mind that comes with a proven, end - to - end solution. In offering you renowned Structurix film systems, we’re providing you the films and solutions most widely used in industrial radiography. Agfa’s renowned product quality leads the industry in superior image quality. Their proven performance ensures reliable, consistent rugged behavior. Ongoing R&D ensures the innovation that means you are using products at the fore front of the industry. Agfa products guarantee compliance to the strictest standards worldwide.
IMAGE QUALITY: Agfa was a pioneer in recognizing the importance of monitoring film systems, ensuring better image quality performance. The result is higher quality and safety of the inspected equipment and components.
PROCESSING: We offer a complete line of film processing solutions including both manual and automatic options.
CHEMICALS: Dedicated Structurix chemicals assure optimal performance in the processing of radiographic films. We bring you the full line of advanced, high quality chemicals uniquely designed for industrial X-ray applications.
PROCESSORS & EQUIPMENT : The products have a proven and are enhanced by a Technology, applications, knowledge and global resources available. Agfa Structurix DRYER is an instrument that helps customers who process films manually. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies now introduces the new optimized version of the Structurix DRYER with fast and efficient dryer, easy to operate with excellent result. For more information, please log on to


BY AIR LOGISTICS CORPORATION, USA : In partnership with Air Logistics, USA, GRITCO NIGERIA LIMITED provides valuable customers with effective and efficient Leak Repair System for all sizes of pipes, concrete structures, steel and iron structure facilities. FIELD APPLIED COMPOSITE SYSTEMS (FACS) include Aqua wrap, Power sleeves, etc.
Our product is time saving, cost effective & provides excellent leak repair in every area of application.


Aquawrap has been used to repair piping and pressure vessels for years, with an excellent track record or success and longevity of the repairs. Specific job descriptions are available. A complete battery of structural laboratory test result are available on request. Request Air Log publication, ”Environmental Durability of Aquawrap” for a detailed engineering dissertation.

Aquawrap Bear TM

Aquawrap Bear TM is the identity resin system used in original Aquawrap. The difference in product is that the fiber reinforcement in Bear is a different weaving design, allowing greater compatibility and strength over irregular surfaces. Although a relatively new product, the application successes and life expectancy should match or exceed the original product.


PowerSleeve is a heavily tested, highly engineered product. Composite constructions similar to PowerSleeve are well documented in the literature as having service lives well beyond 20 years (beyond 50 years by some estimates) A major series of dynamic destructive test were performed on actual PowerSleeve pipe repairs and results were excellent. Structural laboratory performance test results are readily available.


SunGlassTMis the same fiber reinforcement as other F.A.C.Sproducts, pre-pregged with proprietary SunGlassTM resin. Under our brand name and in the exact configurations we've developed for pipe repair, this is relatively new product with only about 4 years of “track record” However, the SunGlassTM resin (a proprietary epoxy vinyl ester), with e-glass reinforcement, is a long-proven composite combination, with excellent chemical and dynamic performance properties. Our specific resin formulation has been very successfully in military, aerospace and heavy industrial applications for years. Structural laboratory performance test results are available on request.
For more information, please log on to:

6. Graco Paint Spraying Equipment and Spares:

In Partnership with Graco BV, Belgium, Gritco suppliers a wide range of equipment specifically designed for applying protective coatings, which are ideal for marine, aerospace, building products and construction manufacturing industries. This equipment includes chemical resistant coating sprayers, corrosion-resistant coating sprayer, intumescent fireproofing sprayers and wear-resistant sprayers. These are broad lines of professional protective coatings equipment which deliver best-in-class performance. Graco’s chemical resistant coatings sprayers are capable of spraying epoxies and polyurethane coatings and linings that will hold up to high concentration levels of certain acids and solvents. In short, these built-to-last sprayers are designed to handle polyurethane, marine, two-component, hybrid coatings and other aggressive and corrosive chemicals.
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